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Good things come to those who wait, that’s how the saying goes, right?  In this case, it isn’t something good but something absolutely perfect.  10 fingers, 10 toes and all around amazing.  That’s what came to the wonderful B family when their first born arrived.  Sweet baby Matthew.  I must admit, he has been my best newborn ever.  He was sleepy and happy and flexible.  His parents were kind enough to let me do whatever I wanted, creatively, and as a result of that and Matthew’s delightful disposition, we were able to create my very favorite newborn image ever.  And a whole lot of other ones that I like a whole lot too!!!

I’ve had to wait a while to share this sweet baby with you to allow time for his custom birth announcements to be sent out.  If you didn’t get one, I’m sure it got lost in the mail!!!  Because I know Mom & Dad would love to show this cute little guy off to everyone they know!!!  And, yes, the image on the left IS my very favorite newborn image ever!!!  Look at that adorable family.

He slept like, well, a baby.

Oh, how I feel like a baby whisperer when they smile.  And, yes, I know that in reality I have NOTHING to do with it.

Mom & Dad are over the moon with this little guy.  How fun to capture this Mommy’s love for her newborn!

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for the privilege of capturing the newness and wonder of Matthew’s first days.  I know he’s growing by leaps and bounds and am thrilled to watch him grow over the next year as one of my baby planners!!

parting shot:

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