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The Family Experience

When you see a squishy, newborn baby turn into a walking, talking toddler in just 12 months, you know time moves quickly.  Compare 2 to 5 and you'll see it again. Compare a kindergartener to a 5th grader, and you'll barely recognize them.  Eleven to 15? They go from kid to near adult!  And senior year? Let me grab the tissues.  
IT ALL GOES SO FAST.  Each moment deserves to be cherished, documented, and revisited.  
Let's capture your family as it is RIGHT NOW. Whether you have your first toddler, or a gaggle of preteens and teens, life is fleeting and waits for no one.  Tomorrow promises one thing: your kids will be a little older, a little closer to leaving the next, and this moment won't come again. Let's freeze time together.

Hey STORYTELLER: I see you taking images of your family.  You deserve to be in them, too!

You are the memory maker for your family, constantly snapping everyday photos of your kids, and maybe of your kids with your husband. I don't need to tell you how hard it can be to capture your entire family.  Kids love to see themselves and where they "fit" in your family.  Let's pick a date and show them what your family looks like right now and, most importantly, what your family FEELS like!  All the love, the laughs, the silly, the serious, all of the things that make your family unique.

You say YES and I'll guide you the entire way!  

1. Say Hello

Repeat clients and those who are tech savvy?  You can select a date for your session from my online booking calendar.

New to khp or want to chat about the season, location, or time of day? I'm always just a text or call away.  I want this process to be as simple as possible. Let's get your questions answered and your session booked so you can leave the rest to me!

2. Schedule it

There are a few things to decide: 
I have a What's Next Guide that shows locations and features a style guide to help you narrow down your options and plan for your session.
Once those are planned out, the hard part is over!   You show up on your session date and I'll do what I do best: create a casual, fun environment for your family to enjoy a few minutes together.  The kids will find it more of a play date than work, I promise!

3. Planning it

After our time together, I'll get to work selecting my very favorite images from your session.  I'll post a sneak peek within 48 hours, and send you a link to your online, private gallery within 2 weeks (often sooner.)
We can meet with printed proofs to complete your order, or you are welcome to prepare your order on your own!  You'll choose from digital files, gift prints, wall prints, albums, and more.  We can figure out the best way to preserve this moment in time so you can cherish these memories for years to come.

4. after the session

  • Give prints to Grandma
  • Place a mommy and me photo on your child's bedside table
  • Walk past your beautiful custom wall gallery of images featuring your family as art
  • Flip through your session album on your coffee table
  • Create a slideshow with your digital images
  • Print the digital images for yourself and your family

Pat yourself on the back. You did it. You froze this moment in time with your family, exactly the way you are right now.

Guess what? They've already changed since that session a few months ago.  So mark on your calendar a date for your next session.  You'll thank yourself later!

5. enjoy your photos

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The Family Process

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a la carte menu  for prints/digitals/wall art/albums

session fee: $350

The khp experience is exceptional from start to finish.  The editing is immaculate and the products are designed to be cherished by your grandkids!  Each session has a session fee, for our time together and my expertise. No files/prints are included.  After the session, purchase as little or as much as you want a la carte. Family  session clients spend an average of $900-2000 per session.

The Investment Details

We hired Karen at a friend's recommendation when our 3rd child was 6 months old. She's captured our birthday parties, family sessions each year, and even was in the delivery room for the birth of our 4th child!  To say we trust her and consider her our friend is an understatement.  We have so many beautiful memories in albums and on our walls of every stage of life with our kids.  We couldn't be happier!   Renee & Chuck

Family Session

The FAWCETT family

Karen is a dream to work with. She can effortlessly capture a genuine smile from a fussy toddler to a testy teenager and everyone in between. She has been photographing our family for nearly 15 years and we absolutely cherish the memories she has captured. From booking, to reminders, to the session itself, and a quick delivery of a gallery, she truly loves what she does and it is so evident in her work. 

Rebecca & Diego

Family Session

The fua family

When I was in college I interned at a church in Brentwood, TN. I would often see beautiful family photos posted by several of the church members and they were all by Karen Halbert. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have her photograph my family when that time came. A few years later, at my baby shower, my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law gifted me a gift card for a baby planner session with the one and only, Karen Halbert. It may sound cheesy, but it brought tears to my eyes to have that dream come to fruition. Karen has photographed my family now for the last seven years. After two baby's first year plans and many family photo sessions, I can honestly say that her work is magic. Photographing children of all ages with the various moods they bring to photography sessions is not for the faint of heart and Karen steps through them with grace and ease. Whether we have an hour with her, half an hour or five minutes during a Santa session, she produces unforgettable moments and facial expressions from our daughters and our family. She is not just a photographer, but a down to earth, hilarious, understanding person who also has an incredible talent for capturing moments your family will cherish for years to come. There is no other family photographer for The Girten family.   Regina & Jeff

baby's first year Sessions

The Girten Family

Karen, There were so many beautiful options in Joshua's gallery! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The ones of him with the guitar. LAWD.  I'm so glad we added the family mini on to his senior session. The ones of Jacob smiling. Oh, my heart. These photos make me giddy. So grateful!
Thank you so much for capturing us before they all grow up and fly away!


senior session + family mini



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Finding a photographer that you love that "gets" your family is no easy task. Let's connect so you can see if a khp experience is right for you.