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Along our journeys in life, there are often people who we meet at a pivotal moment.  They become a catalyst for change and growth.  Heather is one of those people for me.  When I chose her to photograph Tyler as a newborn, something would stir inside my heart and head that would set me on a path I could never have imagined.  One that has led me right here.  She is the person that was most instrumental in my journey to become a photographer.

We have been friends for 4 years now, since before our 2nd children, Tyler and Jake, were born.  We have met together over the years with the boys and they seem to be forming a sweet friendship.  Once itty bitties in baby carriers, they have now become full fledged, rock throwing, work for bribes boys!  Today, after our session, they successfully thwarted the evil ways of a fiesty 3 year old girl at a local play place!  And in recent years, we have gotten together several times to talk shop, swap lenses and capture images of each other and our children.  Today was a fun stroll through a cool park before heading off to lunch.  Here are a few images of our growing boys today, from my end of the camera…

I know that my little man isn’t too little anymore.  Thought I’d capture a few images of Tyler with his self-named buddy, Tyler (Bear.)


Thanks, Heather, my mentor and friend.  So great to hang with you today.  Tyler and I had a great time with you and Jake!  Can’t wait to see what you captured as well!

parting shot (boys being boys at the creek):


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