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I spent some time tonight holding my little buddy, Wes’, hand in ICU so his Mommy could take a minute to eat and change clothes.  Wes had craniosyntosis surgery yesterday for 6 long hours.  He’s got a few rough days ahead before he starts to feel like sweet ol’ Wes.  He could use a few prayers of healing and his family could use a few for strength and patience too!

Just 2 months ago, Wes came to America from Ethiopia with his new Mommy and new big sister…and met the rest of his family as he began the next chapter in his young little life.

He’s now a wonderful part of a beautiful family of 8.   I have the privilege of calling these folks my dear friends.  I’ve known them since their oldest and my oldest were in our bellies…and I’ve watched their hearts grow bigger and their family grow larger each year!!  When Wes arrived Mom and I started planning their family session now that their ‘family’ had their newest (and supposedly) final member.  We got together on a hot July evening and took Wes’ first official images since he arrived home as well.  He hadn’t yet been home for 2 months and already everyone loved him so very much!

He is beautiful and happy and thriving in his new world.  And now he’s had the life saving (literally) surgery he needs.  A surgery that he wouldn’t have received if he’d stayed in Ethiopia; a birth defect that he surely would have died from and now has had corrected!!

I am proud to be this little guy’s photographer and, even prouder still, to be touched by his journey.

Seeing him today, sedated, bandaged and in rough shape, I immediately thought back to these images with a bright, happy, playful little guy.  So, I’m finishing my post on that note.  I know that he’ll be back on his feet and smiling again and I know we all hope that is very soon!!!

Praying for swift healing for you, Wes Paulos!

If you would like to keep up with Wes’ recovery, you can follow along at

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