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sweet baby Grady…where do I begin?  He was shy and reserved at our first meeting, back when he was all of 3 months old (original post here) .  His adorable parents were so proud of their cute little boy (as they should be!)  We met again when he was sitting and oh how he squealed with delight!  What a happy boy!!

We recently got together for Grady’s 3rd and final baby planner session.  I say it all the time but it is amazing to see the change from that first session to now, just 9 months later!  Walking, talking…he’s a full fledged toddler!!!  But he’s still the same, cutie patootie, big smile Grady that I know and now love!


Here’s an awesome 10×20 storyboard that shows exactly how much this little guy has changed (and stayed the same) over the past year!

This next image is my favorite from the session.  I think it depicts Mom & Dad’s adoration for their little boy and how, in spite of all the growing he’s done this year, how tiny he still is in the scheme of things…

Grady, my little buddy, it has been my deepest pleasure to watch you grow this year.  Thanks for hanging out with me and bringing some of your best expressions!!  You are a cutie.  Your parents are very lucky.  I think they’ve figured that out by now.  Have fun being one!

parting shot:

Oh the places you'll go!!! - Dr. Seuess

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