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Recently I received a phone call from Shannon of Shannon Payne Photography.  She was calling because she (and her husband) had chosen ME to be the photographer for her family’s portraits!  Wow.  I have to say I was honored and thrilled!!!  Another photographer has chosen me out of all of her local options!!!  Seems her husband had seen my work in his client’s office and had suggested me to his wife.  She checked out my work and gave me a call.  Whew!  I immediately felt a twinge of performance anxiety!!!  I had to get this one right!!!  Lucky for me, they are one of the most gorgeous families I have ever had the pleasure of working with!


We had a blast at our session and those two little boys are the cutest things ever!!!  They were lots of fun and were great sports, smiling sweetly even though they are probably tired of having a camera pointed at them all of the time by their mom!

And Shannon and Nick…yeow!  These two are definite hotties!  My goodness.  Married 8 years.  Seemed like 8 minutes to me…see for yourself.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  You may be seeing one of these up on my blog header soon!

I met with Shannon to show her the images and loved hearing about her plans for a big canvas cluster for her home.  I think it will look amazing!!!  I promise to post a picture of it here on the blog once it is hanging!  I’m sure she’ll take a great image of it!  What better art for your home than of your family?  That’s my motto!

We even grabbed an image for Shannon to use for her own business profile.  Our favorite (Gorgeous!!!):

Thank you so much, Shannon & Nick, for the absolute honor of being asked to capture your beautiful family as it is today.  I hope that you love them as much as I do.  And I’m equally happy to have made a new friend!

parting shot:

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