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Sweet Elise.  This adorable 1 year old came back to the studio yesterday for her final baby planner session.  She’s grown so much but has the same sweet look and big smile that she did at her first session 9 months ago.

For her first session at 3 months old, she came to visit me in the peak of the crazy Fall session and her session didn’t get blogged.  So here are a few of my favorites from that session.

This was the front of their Christmas card.  I love it!!!

And this is now a big canvas hanging in their home.  I love this sweet moment as their new family of 3.

At her second session, at 8 months old, Elise sported some stylish outerwear for the outdoor portion of our session.  You can see more of that session here:  And she was sure to bring that big ol’ grin back for some great images, as well!

And that leads us to our current session.  All of the sudden, this sweet baby has turned into a toddler!  Walking, talking, and perfectly capable of making her own decisions, like whether or not to sit in a chair, when to have a snack, etc.  I am always amazed at how fast babies become little people, and Miss Elise is no exception.  By the end of the session she and I had it all figured out, and she gave me some big smiles as my reward!

I am especially proud of the next one.  Let’s just say we used every trick we could think of to get her happy to smile and willing to sit for this one!  But we did it!  Success!

Thank you, T family, for a great year.  It has been a joy to capture your little girl as she’s grown and hope you’ll come back and see me soon!  Happy Birthday, Elise!  One sure looks good on you!

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