day eight [newborn] | Franklin Nolensville Newborn Photographer

I am so proud of my next little client.  Not only is he beautiful, perfect, and well suited for newborn modeling (he slept A LOT!), he forever holds the title of “2nd Baby Planner in a single family at khp!”  Michael was 8 days old when he came to the studio last week for his first official khp studio session.  My how things have changed since his big brother, Grady, first came to visit me in September of 2010 as a 3 month old!  A new studio, a few cameras and some better skills later, I know the experience is a little different behind the lens now than it was two years ago.  However, his parents are just as sweet and fun and relaxed as they were back then.  Plus, now we have a fun, adorable little 2 year old to add to our session as well!  That all adds up to one fantastic newborn session, even if we did come dangerously close to running out of diapers!

Mom has waited over a week for this next one, so I think it is as good as any to lead off with…

Big brother Grady doing his best, smiling and big brothering!

a sweet moment between Mommy and baby.

Introducing, for the very first time, the R family of 4!!!

Thanks, R family, for trusting me again with the most precious year of your child’s life.  I promise to do my best!  I cannot wait to see the little man that Michael will become over this next year!

parting shot:

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