for my wall [personal project] | Nashville Modern Custom Family Child Wall Art Photography

wanna see what I’ve been working on?  I ordered it today and CANNOT wait for it to arrive!  You clients think you have it hard when you have to choose your favorites from 40 images in a gallery!?  Try going back nearly 10 years for your top 9 images that show personality, diversity, and different stages of your kids.  WHEW!  Luckily, my bff Shelbie, my partner in crime, my secret khp assistant helped me narrow down the final selection.  I am excited to have my doorstep filled with canvas boxes for me this time as these 12×12 gallery wrapped canvases make their way from the canvas company.    I CANNOT WAIT!!!  EEK!

I look at each image and they evoke such sweet memories.  Jack at 3, our only child, so “big” in his Gap shirt.  The boys sitting together, Tyler with a bottle and Jack lovingly leaning on his baby brother, already gaming together!  My first ‘real’ image captured as I pursued my (then) hobby of sweet baby Tyler and those big eyes.  Tyler’s first beach trip, with his big brother gladly showing him the ropes.  I could go on…so be prepared if you come to visit over the next few weeks or months.  We might stop and chat about this for a few minutes.  Isn’t this exactly what photography was meant to do?  Bring those memories right to the very front of your brain?  SIGH.

And, for the record, I have about 742 other favorites as well.  I think if I put all of them up I might freak my family out a bit.  Or at least my friends when they come over!  I still plan on designing a grouping for our bedroom with our recent family images, but am excited that this project is complete except for the hanging and unveiling!  Dad, you busy in a week or two?


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