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While every day should be a day we celebrate all our Moms do for us, and pat ourselves on the back for being the best Mom we can be, it is officially the season to appreciate and acknowledge the moms that made us who we are today.  I’d love to celebrate the moms that help […]

Mother’s Day Gift Card Special 2023

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You have probably taken down your decorations by now (don’t look my way!) and maybe, if you were like me, you took time during the break to do a little cleaning and organizing. Marie Kondo would not be impressed, but I did shampoo my carpets, organize a few stacks of mail, clean out my closet […]

What to do with your 2019 photos? Photo Challenge | nashville family & child photographer

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I am a mother of 2, a photographer, and I talk in pictures.  Asking a friend if she has ever used a certain product?  I include a picture of the product while texting.  My dog sleeping in an unusual position? I text a photo to my husband at work. See a lost dog running in […]

what to do with your photos, PHONE edition | a series of tips on photo storage and organization

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last minute shopping?  gift cards are available in $50 and $100 increments.  Give them the gift of their favorite people, captured forever.  Gift wrapped and available through 12/17.

hurry. santa’s nearly here! [order deadlines] | Brentwood Nashville Franklin Custom Christmas Photography

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