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Babies.  What happens to them in that first year is nothing short of miraculous.  How they go from fresh, needy do nothings in those first days to walking, talking bundles of personality in a mere 12 months is beyond belief when you stop and think about it.  Sweet baby Asher was a bright eyed, smiley 3 month old when he started his baby plan with me.  And now, just 6 months later, he’s a ‘little brother.’  He’s Pax’s little buddy, on the move, with opinions of his own and a sunny disposition to make you fall head over heels for him as soon as you meet!

The G family is one of the cutest ones around.  And the insides of these folks?  GOLD!!!  They are just truly good people.  I am so blessed that they chose me to photograph their second child’s first year after their previous photographer moved away.  I am enjoying every minute of our time together.  I hope they are too.

I am especially fond of the family images we captured at this session.  The G family does their baby plan sessions a little different from most, incorporating their family into each session.

Dad played a good round of “I’m gonna dunk you in the creek” with big brother…we were all laughing at this game!  Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of these images!

And did I mention that it was Dad’s birthday on the day of our session?  He was a good sport getting pictures taken on ‘his’ day.  I think this next image captures what an amazing dad he is in a subtle, quiet way…

It is funny how it just happens one day…your kids go from being referred to as kid #1 and baby to “the boys” or “the girls” or however you now denote your kids, implying them as a unit instead of parts.  This image captures “the boys”.  Asher paid for this one, though, with a header in the dirt and a few scratches…hopefully Mom and Dad will still say it was worth it all when they see this one!

G family, it was so much fun meeting up with you again.  Can’t wait to see you again at Asher’s birthday!

parting shot:

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