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Every once in a while, an image takes on a life of its own.  People mention it for a while after I post it, commenting on how much they liked it.  When the “lollipop girls” posted, I got LOTS of comments.  And now, 6 months later, I STILL get lots of comments on it.  Truth be known, it is definitely one of my all time favorite images.  If by chance you are a regular khp follower and you don’t know what image I’m talking about, just scroll back up and watch the rolling images.  It will pop up and you’ll say “Oh!  Yeah!  THAT one!”  The 3 little girls are sisters, Corinne, Eve & Kiley.  Seems their family thought that picture was pretty awesome too!  Their aunt, Cathy, who lives in California, liked it so much she wanted one of her own.  Ok, not that actual picture, but her own version when she and her kids came to Nashville for a visit.  She wrangled up the cousins and we headed out.  She was nervous at the thought of 6 kids, ages 2 to 8, gathered for a picture, but I promised I’d pull out all the stops to make it happen!

First up are Cathy’s adorable kiddos.  Charlotte is a proud big sister and did a great job of helping me get little brother Christian to ‘perform’ by sitting with him.  She even gave him her ice cream (more about that in a bit.)  Christian is a baseball player in training.  He’s currently sporting baseball attire 100% of the time.  I love that he is a man who knows what he wants.  He’s got the most amazing pitching form for a 2 year old EVER.  Check it out:

I’m enjoying focusing more on relationships during my sessions.  I want you to have images that show you and your kids and the love you all have for each other.  Like the moments you have when the camera ISN’T watching; while rocking your baby to sleep, a kiss on a scraped knee.  Especially for moms, who so often are the ones behind the lens!

Cathy’s cousin on her mom’s side brought his adorable little girl, Kathryn.  She enjoyed being a little princess for me.

We captured some fantastic images of her with her Daddy that will make a great Mother’s day gift for Mom!!  Shhh…it’s a secret.  Don’t tell her!  I’m only going to show you one, just in case she gets wind of this and peeks!!

The kids loved meeting this pup as he was strolling with his owner at the park.  His owner encouraged the kids to meet this furry friend.  So sweet!

The lollipop girls, looking gorgeous as ever…

And, the piece de resistance (or series of such), the group shot.  I think my favorite just might be after Christian stole Charlotte’s ice cream cone!

Funny boy!  Thank you, Cathy, for trusting me to capture the little ones of your family!  And, despite your warnings, I didn’t even have to work very hard to do it!  They were lots of fun!  Have a safe trip back to California!

parting shot:

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