happy 9th birthday, my love! | Brentwood Modern Child Photographer

When we wake in the morning our oldest will be nine.  nine!  as in 108 months.  3,287 days.  and every day has been a big ginormous blessing.  he’s the sweetest boy…who is slowly but surely becoming a young man.  When I look at him just the right way I can see it…and then he does something goofy and I am thankful he’s still a kid.  I’m not quite ready for this journey that is to come…being a mom to a teen or preteen even!

I love that I still get greeted with excitement when I’ve been away, that his favorite school day is Wednesday because it is the day I come to school to volunteer in his class and we leave together, and that sometimes he doesn’t wipe my kisses away.  He even holds my hand every now and then when we are walking together.  But lately I’ve been mixing up our tshirts in the laundry piles, as their sizes are getting closer together.  He reads books that I find interesting and doesn’t fit at all in my lap.  He’s almost too big to pick up…I can’t deny that he’s not a little kid anymore and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday to the one who made me a Mommy.  To the best big brother a little guy could have.  I am SO very blessed to travel this parenting journey for you.  I am proud of you every day and love you to the moon and back.

Be sure to leave him a comment with some birthday love!  He’ll be checking…

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