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Are you good at recording the milestones of your children?  Or are you like me…you started out strong with baby books that went unfilled by midway through the first year?  I have such good intentions, but sometimes I’m weak on the follow through.  Can you relate?  One thing I am so proud of is this one tradition that I made sure to do each year with both of my boys.  And let me say some years it was a challenge!  Especially with my oldest, who just didn’t get it in the early years.

Somewhere I saw this, long before there was Pinterest, maybe it was in a parenting magazine.  The idea of photographing my son in one of my husband’s dress shirts.  My husband is a big guy, so the shirt has engulfed the boys starting out!  When Jack was 10 he declared he was too old to continue the tradition, and voted to stop it at 10.  I reluctantly agreed.  I didn’t want to embarrass him.  Maybe when he’s 18 he will indulge me with one final image.  Tyler turned 7 in January, and we try to get the picture taken within a few months of his birthday, so yesterday we stopped by the studio and grabbed his “Daddy Shirt – Year 7” picture.  It is so fun to look back and see each year.  Want to see?

Years 1 through 6:

dad shirt 1 thru 6 web

And this year, Year 7.  He sure is growing up!  The sleeves are still long but the shirt is definitely off the ground now!

webTyler dad shirt 7 2015-006

here are a few pictures I could find of Jack.  Some are pre-digital and the early ones show off my early photography skills.

jack through years shirt

Have a daughter?  I’ve seen this done with one of mom’s dresses.  It is equally as adorable.

Photography not your thing?  (maybe you like to leave it to the pros!)  I’ve also seen a questionnaire with questions that you ask your child each year to see how their answers change.  Here’s a link to a pin of the Birthday Interview Tradition on Pinterest:

Purchase the Dr. Suess’ book “Oh The Places You’ll Go” and have your child’s teacher sign the book each year and present it to your child upon high school graduation.  I started this in preschool for both of my boys and LOVE looking back at the comments from all of the teachers who have made an impact on both of my boys.  I think they will love this one!!!   Here is a link to a pin of this tradition on Pinterest:

Or take a picture of your child at the same place on the first and last day of school.  It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown in one school year!   Here’s a link to a pin of this tradition on Pinterest:

Purchase a journal and write a letter to your child on their birthday each year.  I’ll admit, I started this one and am a few years behind.

It isn’t too late to start a new tradition.  If you miss a few years, jump back in!  If you haven’t had your baby yet, decide what tradition you’d like to incorporate into your family before your child arrives.  You’ll be glad you did!

parting shot of the cutest 7 year old I know:webTyler dad shirt 7 2015-015

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