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Babies arrive all tiny, squishy, new and so very dependent on their people for everything.  We hold them and stare in disbelief.  They stay awake half the night and we wonder when morning will come.  We blink and they are smiling at us.  We are tired and blissfully happy and we find our routine.  Sleep, eat, diaper, play, repeat.  Doctors visits and new outfits to wear.  Baby gear all around the home, gifts and visitors galore.  And then they are sitting up.  Just like that they look a little bit more like “big babies” and they even seem to have opinions about things, like their favorite blanket or how they like to nap.  The season changes and then, one day, we look down and they aren’t in the same place we put them moments ago.  Our baby is now mobile!  How quickly that happened.  We baby proof and gate the stairs and put up the dog food.  A few more sleeps and then they are standing, looking at us across the room.  “Mama” is emerging and food is being eaten.  And just like that we are planning a first birthday, lowering the crib mattress and buying walking shoes.  Our baby, in just 12 short months, has become a toddler – a tiny person!  We look back at those first few days with awe and wonder…how did it go by so fast?

I see it so often now, with my tiny baby planner clients.  They arrive all pink and new, with their tiny bird mouths and tiny cries.  And then a few short months later, they return smiling, full of love when their parent comes into view.  They come back a few months later and they are sitting, pulling up and their personalities are emerging.  Their parents have sweet stories to tell about all the funny things they are doing now.  And then, in what seems like an instant, we are planning their final baby planner session and they arrive looking so much more like a toddler than a baby, talking a little and laughing as they shove cake in their mouth or as they read their favorite book.  And every time I am amazed at just how fast life moves.  It is a swift pace, indeed.

Here are a few of the littlest khp clients that have come to visit me recently.  I adore each one and their families!

Hudson just wrapped up his baby plan at khp.  What a big boy he’s become!

10 x 20 framed storyboard 3 opening baby plan new to 12 opt 2LOPEN

Pierson is the Rose family’s 3rd baby planner baby with me.  Am I lucky or what?  Here he is at 13 days old.

webRose P NB 033115-260C


Miss Corlee just returned for her second baby planner session.  My how she’s grown!  She’s gorgeous!

webMankin BP S1 NB 111114 khp-14web CM studio 041515-110

Miss Addison returned for her 3rd session just in time to get outside!  Sweet baby girl!web baby cream wrap newbornweb couple window baby familywebBP Duello S3 031615-117Hanley is coming back next week for his final baby planner session.  It has gone way too fast!

webBP Benton NBS1 041814-220webBP Benton S2 090314-050web BP BEnton S3 121014-012

Liam is following in big brother’s footsteps as a khp baby planner.  He’s nearing his first year end already as well!

webBP Cooley NB S1 082514-208web monkey hat BP Cooley S2 022415-1071

Gavin has grown so much and is the happiest little guy! LOVE his yellow pants for his Spring session!

web BP Williams NB S1 071014-057web baby cream rug 4 monthswebBP Williams S3 031815-073

My little buddy Beau:

webBP Barnes NB S1 063014-139webBP Barnes S2 020615-034

The adorable Kyla:

web BP Hudgens S1 NB 091814-258web baby sitting bed cream hudgens

And the newest khp baby planners:

Maggie Kate:

webBP White NB S1 121114-130


web Johnson NB 030615-061

and Finley Kate:

webBP Rives NB S1 041315-009

If you are considering a baby plan, I’d definitely say ‘do it!’  The first year flies by.  Take comfort in knowing that I’ll be capturing your baby during their first year so you can relax and enjoy the ride.  For more information, contact me via the contact tab or at

Time, stand still…you are moving way too fast.

parting shot of baby Pierson and his loving brothers and sister:

webRose P NB 033115-079-2

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