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I get lots of inquiries about outdoor sessions in Winter.  “Do you still do outdoor sessions, even in January and February?”  “YES!” is always my reply.  Sometimes it is a bit chilly, with teeth chattering smiles.  Other times the weather cooperates a bit more and we have a gorgeous high 40s afternoon with bold sunshine.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Ok, so it wasn’t exactly bathing suit weather, but it was definitely ‘jacket optional’!  That was great news for the C family.  I don’t think Mom is especially fond of cold weather.  But we walked around downtown Franklin enjoying the mild winter day, laughing and, dare I say it Dad, having a good time?  Some of the C family aren’t especially fond of having their picture taken…but all were great sports about it and did everything that I asked!!!  Such great clients!  And now the fruit of all that hard work, C family…

Nicholas is 9.  I think he has a career in modeling, except I’m not sure he would enjoy it.  But he definitely had a few swagger poses ready for me.  And, just when he thought I wasn’t looking, I managed to capture a few real smiles.  And laughs.  Mission accomplished!

Niles is 7 and could not be any cuter if he tried!  I love his studious look with his glasses, and he’s quite the charmer.  There’s a lot of personality in that little package!!

I suspect that these brothers get along pretty well.  I’m sure they have their share of difficulty at home at times, like all siblings do, but they were so kind to each other during our time together.  I hope that they’ll cherish these images of themselves together when they get older.

Mom and Dad got some quality time in with the boys for a few minutes.  Love the guys shot so much!

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s day, let’s celebrate a little love between Andrea and Stephen, why don’t we?  Without them, this family wouldn’t be possible!

What a wonderful family.  I’m so glad to have spent the afternoon with you, C family!  Thanks for being such good sports as the evening temps dropped!  It was lots of fun hanging with you!  I hope you had a great time too!

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