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The Fishers are long time friends of mine, I’m proud to say.  Their oldest daughter was born just a few weeks after my oldest son and Mom and I figured out “new Mommyhood” together over 8 years ago.  A few years later their adorable son was added to the mix.  It has been a pleasure watching these little kids grow up.  Recognize this cute little boy?  He is featured above in my blog header as Superman!  I still LOVE that picture.  But he’s grown a bit since then as you’ll see here.  Since they were clients ‘pre-blog’, I thought it would be fun to add an image from their last session.  And since the big buzz this month is holiday cards, I’ll feature theirs from Christmas 2009:

The family asked if we could use their church grounds as the session location.  Cool request!  So we headed over to their church and had some fun.  These kids are so cute and seem to get along really well (if they don’t, they sure fake it well when I’m around!)

The beautiful Fisher girls.  Like mother, like daughter!

The Fisher kids are really growing up.  I can’t believe that little guy in a Superman outfit now looks like this:

And I LOVE this tradition.  Each year Mom puts her daughter, on her birthday, in a dress that SHE used to wear.  Over the years she’s seen this dress go from swimming all over the floor with a little baby girl lost in it to a young lady standing tall, dress not even near the ground!  It won’t be long and she’ll fit in it completely.  What a great visual to see how much and how quickly our little ones grow up!

Brother does this same tradition too, but with one of Dad’s dress shirts.  Here are the ‘guys’ horsing around after Ben’s ‘shirt’ images…

I am honored once again to capture your family images, Fishers!  Thank you for being awesome repeat clients!  Your kids have grown up so much in a year.  Time flies when you are having fun!

parting shot:

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