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I love little tiny babies.  I’ve had a big baby and a small one of my own and I must say that I’m partial to the little ones.  They just grow up so fast that it is especially magical to see something so tiny and new be so perfect and yet so little.  And when their big brother or big sister is barely done being a baby themselves?  That relationship is a joy to behold.  The wonder and sweetness a toddler displays for their new baby sibling…it makes my heart swell.  And that is exactly what happened when I met baby Nicole and her big brother Ethan.

My favorite moment of the session was when Mom and I were talking as she’s holding her brand new bundle and I am preparing her for the shot.  I say, just close your eyes and take a deep breath and think about how amazing it is that this sweet baby girl is here and she’s YOURS!  And, well, this is how Mom felt…I feel like I can see right into her soul.  Such a sweet moment!!

Doesn’t that just about make you want another baby!?

In the down time, while baby Nicole was eating and diaper changing, Ethan came out to entertain me in some of his favorite outfits du jour.  If this isn’t the cutest Spiderman you’ve ever seen…

Big Brother Ethan was so proud to be in some shots with his sister.  He held her so tightly and was so concerned for her comfort and safety while perched on his chest.  He barely breathed!  Mom is waiting on her canvas to arrive of this one.  It is gorgeous!

Want to see how they shared baby Nicole’s arrival with the world?  Here’s her custom birth announcement:

Welcome to the world and to your sweet family, baby Nicole.  It was so nice to meet you.  I know that your big brother will take awesome care of you!

parting shot:

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