the alpha project [school auction] | Nashville Child Photography

It is fun to put my skills to ‘good’ use.  I love donating my time, when I can, and have participated in a few silent auctions this season.  One of the most fun I’ve had recently was being the ‘creative director’ for my son’s 2nd grade class’ auction project for his elementary school’s silent auction.  The class was on board with this fun project idea…and it was awesome to see it through to completion!!!
The kids created letters of the alphabet using their bodies.  (And this is the point in the story where I tell you that I did not come up with this idea, but saw it on another photographer’s blog at some point and ‘borrowed’ the idea with her permission!)   The kids were so excited to help create this poster!  They took direction well, and with the help of the other room moms and my super awesome dad, we were able to shoot the entire alphabet in about an hour!!!  Here’s how we put it together…(this collage was used in a scrapbook for my son)

Then I imported the images into my computer and did some photoshop magic and, voila!  The final project was printed as a poster, matted, signed by all of the class and framed. I don’t usually upload a file of this size but I really want you to be able to see this poster…

The kids were so very proud of the job they did (and I was very proud, too!)  Wonder what we’ll do next year??

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