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While I know you all LOVE to come and hang out with me, rounding up the family for your appointed session, smiling, acting like you like each other, bribing the kids, etc., we know that there is ONE main reason that you go through it all…for the END RESULT!  You’ve done the work, viewed the gallery, measured your walls, considered all the upcoming birthdays and holidays, placed your order, waited a couple of weeks, and finally!  Your order has arrived!  Woo hoo!  As excited as you are to see your products, I have to admit that I am really excited to see them for the first time too!

Today I arrived home to find a BIG OL’ box sitting on my porch!  I knew what was in there and I couldn’t wait to see the products inside!  Six gorgeous gallery wrapped canvases which make up one of my new offerings:  CANVAS CLUSTERS!  Oh my…you know you want one!!!   And the Lowery family tonight have their very own to hang!

I spread it all out on my entryway floor, ran up to the 2nd floor and shot this image over the balcony.  Don’t be making fun of my scratched up floors…my boys have a very good time riding endlessly around my house chasing each other on various riding toys.  And, I figure, they won’t be little forever…

w canvas cluster

Back to the cluster.  You can’t tell from here but this is an impressive collection, measuring 74 inches in width!  2 16x20s, a 32×20 and 4 10x10s.  Perfect for those of you that can’t decide on just 1 image!  I promise to show you this once it is hanging happily in its new home!

Also arriving recently were 2 new image boxes.  The first one came with a set of 4×6 proofs for the Lowerys.  I love that cool design!  It goes perfectly with their boots!

web family box cover

wfamily box back

The 2nd one is an anniversary gift for my parents…Happy 46th Anniversary Mom and Dad!  They are excited to have a sweet display spot for all the 5x7s they are constantly receiving of the world’s cutest grandkids!

wgrandparent box front

wgrandparent back box

w2 boxes spine

Interested in these products?  We can always use recent session images to create something like this for your very own or keep these products and my other new products in mind for your Fall session!  Only 2 Saturdays left in October…

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