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I’ve been blessed to work with several sweet little babies recently.  3 last week alone!  It is one of my favorite moments in my job.  I am in awe every single time at the delicate beauty of each and every baby.

So when this gorgeous mama called to schedule a Belly to Baby package, I was excited.  We were able to capture some very special images of one of their last moments as a family of 3.  Sweet MC was lots of fun to work with, despite mom’s fears that being 2 might be challenging for me.  (You guys know I’m usually a toddler whisperer, right? Just kidding!) Mom and her current baby, waiting for the newest arrival and the promotion of MC to her new role as Big Sister.  The evening was perfect.  Take a look:

You do realize that MC has a baby in her belly, too, right?  Just ask her!!

Fast forward just a few weeks later and I’m holding baby Ryan, just 6 days old.  He was a dream to work with.  He slept for almost the entire session and was agreeable to just about whatever I suggested.  Poor Mom and Dad…they have a large selection of images to choose from!  Big Sis wasn’t super interested in hanging with me this visit, but indulged us with a few gentle kisses and hugs for baby brother.

Brand new family of 4 images!!!

Thank you, M family.  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and your sweet babies.  Good luck with your move…I hope that we’ll be able to continue our relationship when you come back to visit family.  I just can’t wait to watch Ryan’s personality grow!

parting shot:

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