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Little kids LOVE to dress up.  It’s such a funny stage in their life.  They might want to be Hulk on the way to the grocery, or only answer to Princess Grace for an entire week at the dinner table.  My youngest was constantly sneaking off to the costume box and returning with a new identity.  Disney characters, superheroes, “real life” heroes, he LOVED dressing up so much.  And then, one day, just like that, the costumes remained untouched for months on end.  It was over before I knew it.  He had grown up a little too much for dressing up anytime other than Halloween.

I am grateful I took him to the studio and grabbed some of my very favorite images of him a few years ago, in the height of his dressing up phase. Because let’s be honest, that phase seems like it will last forever and I could’ve put it off and missed it.  I’m so glad I didn’t.

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I thought it would be so much fun to offer a mini session where your superhero loving child and children can come and have a fun time showing off their moves while allowing me to capture this moment and preserving time for you.  So, I found the most adorable backdrop for the sessions and am excited to offer the 2016 Winter Superhero Mini Sessions this Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 5 at my Nashville studio.

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Your child can come dressed as his or her favorite superhero, or in a simple t-shirt and jeans and I’ll supply the cape and optional mask.  No rules on this one!  Whatever your kid needs to be “super” works for me!!

The sessions are 10 minutes long and are designed to give you a handful of adorable images to cherish this time together.  Siblings are welcome in the same time slot.  Have friends or cousins to be photographed together?  Choose back to back time slots to allow time to get a group shot of everyone.

super sneak 1Booking is handled online, so head over to khp booking to book your session now!

The studio is located at 6977 Sunnywood Drive Nashville 37211 in Lenox Village.  Don’t miss it!

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