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The first year of a baby’s life goes by so quickly!  That 8 pound, squeaky, wrinkly newborn, in just twelve short months, learns to sit, crawl, laugh, eat, walk and talk!  It truly is amazing.  A rite of passage to celebrate the accomplishments of baby’s first year is the adorable, festive first birthday party.  And the most darling of all: plopping down a delicious cake for baby to eat and, ultimately, destroy in one big, happy mess, suitably named:  The Cake Smash.

But in the excitement of the party, it can be difficult to effectively capture this moment on film.  I often have parents bring their little ones to the studio to celebrate their first birthday milestone with a cake smash session.  It is so much fun and you get to leave most of the cleanup to me!

Little Hadley had the most gorgeous cake smash ever!  The cake topper is divine, and the teepee that the girls share at their home was a stunning touch to the set!  Best of all, Hadley LOVED the cake (and so did big sister, Blake, I might add – who waited so patiently for the whole session to end before she snatched up a bite.)

Enjoy celebrating Hadley’s first birthday with us through these images:

blog Lebo Cake Smash 010616-072blog Lebo Cake Smash 010616-121Cblog Lebo Cake Smash 010616-012

cake smash gold

blog Lebo Cake Smash 010616-176blog Lebo Cake Smash 010616-196blog Lebo Cake Smash 010616-206

The Cake Smash session is an all inclusive digital session.  Freeze time with a fun session.  Your baby only turns one once!

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