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I love photos (no surprise) and videos of my family.  I like the ‘posey’ ones, but my heart swells over the every day moments captured forever, long after that stage is over.  We have a cute video of my boys dancing and singing to the opening of Fraggle Rock.  I’m sure a few years from now they won’t remember the song, the dance or their love for it, but we will be able to watch it for years and I’ll cherish the time when they were 8 and 2, dancing each night in the den.  Lots of moments in our life seem, for a season, to be so commonplace that we assume they will remain in our minds forever.  Bathtime is one of those times.  We see our kids in the bath so often but one day one of the twosome declares that showers are cool and, just like that, bathtime changes.  New routines are established and that moment of the kids, splashing and singing and laughing, is gone.  Did you take time to capture it on film?

The boys got haircuts this week.  We’ve had their haircut together since Tyler was 1 and I’ve captured a picture here or there, but I love that I now have this everyday memory captured the way it is right now.  Our sweet friend comes to the house to cut their hair.  No reason, really, except that she left the salon she was working at and we love her, so she has agreed to come to the house and cut the boys’ hair.  The boys love it, it is convenient, and it is a win=win for all!

First up was Tyler.  He had just woken up from a nap but quickly perked up when he knew what was in store!  His favorite part is getting stamps on his hands afterward.

are these lashes ridiculous or what?

My sweet boy.  So proud of his new haircut.  He cracks us up when he swooshes his hair to one side and says “I have Bieber hair!”

Jack was equally excited about getting a trim.  He loves his ‘rock star’ hair and has been sporting this look since first grade.  He did mention that this time he might like to try a real mohawk but was quickly persuaded to keep the tried and true front spiked look.

It is important to capture these memories on film.  But it is equally important not to leave these images on your computer!!! Browsing your photo files on your computer, looking at them on Facebook or your blog is cool, but what happens years from now?  Will you have a computer crash and lose them?  Will you forget to transfer them over to the new computer?  If you burn them to disc, what happens when that medium becomes outdated (remember floppy disks?)  Make sure that you are PRINTING your images!!  An album is even better.  Give your kids access to their memories in a tangible way.  Look at them together as a family and talk about what you remember, how it felt, etc.  You’ll be so glad you did!

And if you’d love to have images like this of your family in your day to day life…maybe of the kids during a morning of playtime and baking cookies with mom or pancake Saturdays and a bike trip to the park, contact me!  I’d love to work with you to capture professional images that show your life as it is today!  We can create a storyboard for their rooms or playroom or a coffee table book that preserves those fleeting moments of today forever!

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