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Yesterday I headed over to Emme’s house so that we could capture some 6 month images of her.  She must have heard I was coming, because she worked very hard and perfected pulling up and standing in her crib the night before!  If you haven’t been around babies in a while you’ve probably forgotten that when a baby learns this trick the DO NOT sleep!  For a couple of days they are so excited to be ‘busting out’ and showing off that each time they are placed in their crib they immediately start pulling up, over and over.  Such was the case the morning of my arrival for Emme.  She was not busy getting her beauty rest after her 5 a.m. wake up call but, instead, all morning was driving Mommy to worry by standing, pulling up, falling over and repeating this cycle over and over.

I was concerned that sweet Emme would crumble under the pressure of a stranger taking her picture after already having been up for 5 hours straight!  But she proved to be quite the model and didn’t let a few yawns stand in her way of a great session!  She got to show off some adorable outfits that Mom picked out and we three girls had a great time while her big brothers were at school.

We headed up to Emme’s room to let her show off her new skills and she did not disappoint.  Even though she was ‘dog tired’ by this time she was happy to pop right up into a standing position when placed in her crib!  Mom and I were both shocked at this little monkey.  Daddy is going to be lowering that mattress very soon!  Isn’t she strong?  And proud?

Renee, it was an absolute pleasure spending the morning with you and your darling baby girl.  Thank you so much for having me!

parting shot:

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