sneak peek | Fall Families at khp

here’s a look at some of the sweet families that have had their turn in front of the camera recently with karenhalbert photography.  this is a sneak peek just to calm the moms’ nerves as they wait to see their images from their session.  I assure the parents of even the fussiest toddler that, unless their child is literally crying the entire time (ok, that DID happen once and we had to reshoot), I can always get some photo goodness in between the fussy spots.  I love hearing from the parents later when they are happily surprised that there were, in fact, some gems captured!  For those of you that haven’t worked with me, I do some CRAZY stuff to get kids to smile and relax.  I might pretend I stepped in something stinky, I might make up a story about Lightning McQueen…whatever it takes.  Now, I must clarify…the following kids were not (necessarily) difficult…a few were downright perfectly behaved.  The littlest kids have the hardest time smiling on cue.  Why should they, right?


Many more awesome families are scheduled to visit in the upcoming weeks.  I can’t wait to see them, too!  If you would like to capture your family this fall in images like these, it isn’t too late!  But you’ll have to hurry.  Just a few spots remain.  Call today!

parting shot:

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