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It is such an honor when another photographer asks me to capture their family.  And this time was no exception.  When Amelia, of Amelia J Moore Photography, asked me to capture her family in downtown Franklin recently, I was instantly nervous and excited.  Amelia and I have shared studio space for a few months now as part of our studio cooperative and I love her work.  She’s an awesome chick and has a super cute family, so I knew they’d look great and we’d have a fun time.  Her boys are adorable and, despite it being a Friday night after a full week of school, they did their best to stay ‘perky’ and attentive through our session.  We walked around Franklin near our new studio and then spent a little time eating some great finds from Honey’s Vintage Sweets, a new candy shoppe just off the square.  (Go check it out!  It has every candy you can imagine!  Remember those awesome candy necklaces from sleepovers?  Oh, yeah!  They’ve got those.  Along with some awesome ice cream and vintage soda, too!)

Amelia and Scott are the real deal.  I was excited to help her find a ‘junk inspired background’ but be able to keep the focus on the two of them.

And their family?  Just awesome!  Scott is the founder and producer/director of a non-profit called Athentikos and both he and Amelia do a lot of work in Guatemala.  They are the kind of people that you meet and know you’ll be a little bit better, just for knowing them and letting them inspire you!

Amelia is working with Lemonade International for their seasonal project to send kids to art camp.  You can check out this worthy cause HERE.

Thanks, Amelia, for trusting me with your memories!  I hope these images make you smile, for you are truly blessed beyond measure!

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