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You’ve booked your session. DO NOT FREAK OUT! Yes, it’s time to select your outfits for your session, but you can do this!  And I’m here to help (along with the internet, Pinterest, and some style bloggers.)


  1. A favorite outfit – Think back to your favorite, go to outfits. I bet you have one that comes to mind quickly. Maybe it’s your dressy favorite, or your casual favorite. Either will work. Take a look and make sure it still looks fresh (no stains or weird wear/holes.) If you like it, check the box because outfit one is done!  Some of these outfits include ripped jeans with a layered top combo of t-shirt and chunky, long sweater for girls and a cool t-shirt and jeans for the guys. If you love the look of this outfit but it’s looking a little too loved, consider replicating this outfit with newer pieces, but keeping the same vibe of your favorite.
  2. Something less casual – Do you have a favorite summer dress, skirt and shirt, or jumpsuit? For the guys, layering is great: try khakis or dark jeans with a t-shirt and long sleeve button up, and maybe even a jacket.
  3. Something in another season – The majority of sessions happen during warm (ish) weather, so consider bringing your favorite fall outfit, with leggings, boots, and a jacket/sweater option for girls, a sweater or jacket added for the guys. Many locations (brick wall, brown tall grass) lend themselves to look like any season, given the proper outfit. I promise we won’t spend more than a few minutes in this outfit, but it will really expand the looks in your gallery.  If we are shooting in cool weather, the opposite wardrobe choice may work, like shorts and a short sleeve (non graphic) t-shirt for the guys, and a sundress or short jumpsuit for the girls.

    Other things to bring:
    Comfy shoes for walking between locations
    Accessories – do you have a sentimental necklace or ring? A fun hat or sunglasses? A family quilt or blanket to sit on?
    Momentos – items that you’d like to include in a photo, like a letterman’s jacket, school logo item, college bound T shirt, motto sign, item from your favorite sport

    Additional tips:
    Girls, make sure you can sit in at least ONE of your outfits.  Please don’t wear 3 short skirts or your poses will be limited to standing.
    Guys, your socks/shoe combination matters. Be mindful of what socks/shoes you are wearing for each outfit.
    When in doubt, bring it!  Have a 4th outfit you can’t decide between? Bring it!  Maybe our location choices will lend to one outfit over another.
    Solids, neutrals and layering are great, timeless tips.  Stay away from trends that are too out there. You’ll have these photos forever and you’ll want them to be timeless, too.
    Hair for girls – if you are one to change your look, consider your outfit sequencing to allow for hair changes.  Braiding or a messy top bun toward the end of the session is awesome but we want to do it last so it doesn’t mess up your hair down look.

    To finish up your look, consider having your hair and makeup done so you’ll feel like the best version of yourself.  Guys, get a haircut about 1-2 weeks before your session, and don’t forget to trim the back of your neck and shave before your session!

    Still stumped? Check out my Senior Pinterest board here:

    Lay everything out the night before and be sure to iron anything that is wrinkled.  Show up in a t-shirt and shorts so you don’t mess up your outfit along the way with wrinkles or sweat. Come prepared to have a blast and to knock these photos out of the park! I can’t wait to work with you!

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