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studio super girl

Callie – September Super Kid
studio super girl

Meet Callie. She’s strong, brave, an awesome big sister and a rockstar Kindergartener. Callie was born with Down syndrome as well as a congenital heart defect. She had open heart surgery in January of 2018 to repair her defect. She also has reactive airway disease that requires the use of a daily inhaler. Despite these challenges, she’s a sweet and funny little girl who brings lots of love and joy to her family and everyone she meets!

down syndrome girl rainbow dressdown syndrome girl window black whiteportrait girl

Callie loves pizza, cinnamon rolls, music, Elsa (and all the Disney princesses) and hugs.sisters studio

Callie really loves dancing. She loves dancing in her dance class and with her little sister, Kelsey.sisters studio dancingstudio rainbow down syndromestudio rainbowstudio down syndrome

Callie’s sweet smile lights up the room. She loved showing off all her power moves in her Super Girl costume along with Kelsey in her Wonder Woman costume.  These girls could fight any crime and win over your heart effortlessly!super sisters special needs

Check out the superheroes in action, dancing to the theme song Wonder Woman:

Callie, keep being brave and fighting all the bad guys. I feel safer knowing you’ve got my back! Thanks to Callie’s family for coming to share their sweet girl with me. What a fun morning.

parting shot:

brave studio super kid

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