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Sweet 2 year old Lucy Lane!  She arrived in America at 7 months old from Ethiopia with an American Mommy (and Daddy and brothers and sisters) who couldn’t possibly love her any more than she already does.  She was sweet, easy going and full of smiles!  She smiled so easily!  Over the last year and a half she has grown up quite a bit and is now a full fledged toddler!  She can throw a fit as good as any other 2 year old and yesterday she decided to make me work hard!  From the moment her Mommy put on the traditional Ethiopian dress, Lucy Lane had other plans!  She yelled out “No for Lucy Lane!” and promptly cried and fell to the ground.  And maybe, just maybe. she thought we’d all give up and head to lunch.

But she doesn’t know one important fact about me.  I’m pretty patient.  Well, at least with everyone else’s kids, if not always with my own.  The Lord has granted me a countenance of extreme patience with kids, and that comes in VERY handy with my work.  So, I stuck with little Miss and her protesting, did some silly dancing, let Mom hug on her for a bit, and continued to capture life as it is right now as a passionate 2 year old.  Mom loved it.  She’s ‘real’ like that and loves capturing life exactly as it is, proverbial dirty dishes and all.

Lucy Lane even gave me what we call at our house the ‘stink eye’ at one point…just letting me know that she wasn’t happy with me either!

After just a couple of minutes we headed indoors, hoping a change of scenery and a break would bring her around.  And sure enough, she couldn’t help herself, she had to give me a few adorable grins!!!  Isn’t it all worth it?  I love this sweet bundle of raw emotion.  2 is great for that.  They just seem to wear their heart on their sleeve.  I’m excited we were able to capture exactly that!

parting shot:

Lucy Lane with big brother George

Lucy Lane is somewhat of a celebrity in these parts.  If you’d like to read about her life at home and the upcoming adoption of her new little brother from Ethiopia, you can follow her blog at

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