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Today I got to meet up with a sweet two year old and her Mommy and Grandma.  This special little girl was born in Ethiopia.  Her Mommy knows Kristi (Lucy Lane‘s mommy) and had seen my photography and Lucy Lane’s videos and contacted me to schedule a session.  I was happy to set up the appointment for November, but then their plans changed and they were unable to make their appointment.  No big deal, we’ll just reschedule, right?  Well, that can be difficult if you are driving 500 miles.  This awesome family lives in Wisconsin!!!  I really didn’t think we’d get the chance to work together after that but then, unfortunately, they were headed to a funeral in Florida and decided to drive home via Tennessee!  Yay!  A January session was scheduled.  Wouldn’t you know it?  As they were making their way to Nashville the snow started to fall.  Jocelyn and her family arrived Sunday night along with the snow and waited two days for the roads to clear and the snow to start melting in order for us to have our session.  How cool is that?

May I introduce to you the lovely and adorable Jocelyn.  She’s beautiful.  And funny.  And she loves her Mommy.  And her Grandma.  And I suspect she loves her Daddy and Grandpa (who are back in WI) a whole bunch too.  It was a very cold day today, so we stayed inside for most of our session.  Jocelyn’s family might be from Wisconsin, but that girl has African blood!!!  She was shivering!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this expression!

Then we headed outside.  There was still 2 to 3 inches of snow on the ground, and Jocelyn was excited to put her bare hands in it and throw it!  Mommy and Jocelyn had an all out snowball fight!

All of the sudden a big gust of wind came and blew a bunch of snow at us all at once!  Jocelyn squealed with delight!  It was adorable.  But soon the magic of the snow wore off, her cold wet hands started to hurt and she said “hurry up, lady!”  Ok, she didn’t say it, but she was thinking it!  I grabbed a few more images and we ran inside to get warm.

Thank you so much, C family, for the honor of capturing some creative images of one very special little girl.  I am humbled by your dedication to receiving my work and I look forward to photographing your family when you return for the 2011 adoption picnic in the Fall.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  Be safe as you drive home!

parting shot:

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