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My mom rocks.  Really, she does.  She sets a HIGH standard for moms out there…homemade costumes, ‘pick anything in the entire universe and I’ll make it for your birthday cake’ birthday cakes, favorite foods for when you are happy or sad, volunteering in classrooms, hosting sleepovers, driving us everywhere and, oh, one not-so-tiny thing:  she PICKED me.  Yup.  I’m adopted.  When I was little (and probably an adorable but ever-so-obnoxious kiddo), I went around saying “Your parents were stuck with you, but my Mom (and Dad) PICKED me!” because I’m adopted.  I was 13 weeks old when we met for the very first time and I can’t imagine it any other way!!!  I love her to pieces and I’ve tried my hardest to live up to those Mom standards that she set so long ago.  She says I’m doing a pretty good job but I know she’s biased!

my mom & dad with our kids, Christmas 2010

I have a great Mom-in-law, too.  She puts up with us and our crazy boys bombarding her home, always with welcoming arms!  You won’t see her featured on my blog, however…she’s a wee bit camera shy.

In celebration of Moms everywhere, in this the month of the Mom, I’d like to have a little contest.  Nothing formal…maybe next year it will have voting, bells and whistles and all of that, but for now lets just say that one deserving mom will win a free custom photography session from khp.  The purpose is for the selected mom to have family pictures (with her in them!) from me.  Who comes to mind when you read this?

Is it you?  Nominate yourself!!!  Do you immediately think of a friend or relative?  Nominate her!  Provide a little summary about why she should be chosen and leave the comment here or on my Facebook wall.  I’ll review all of the entries and choose a winner.  And she’ll get some images that warm her heart when she walks by them just like some of these moms do:

And if all of this talk of Mother’s Day has reminded you that you need to purchase gifts for the Moms in your life, consider a karenhalbert photography gift card!  I’ve got a special going on now through May 7.  You can find the details on that sweet deal HERE.  Why all this craziness over Mother’s Day?  I guess I just love being a mom, having a Mom (and Mom via marriage!) and love my mom friends!!

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