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“Stop or I’ll shoot!”  I often think that my boys think something like this when they see me bust out my camera and ask for a few minutes to “practice”.  Tyler is more easily bribed with candy but his older brother has been around the block a few times and knows the reality of this exercise.  “Just a few pictures” becomes a few more and a few more…so in the rare times when they are both (semi) willing to be bribed, I mean to help Mommy practice, I jump at the chance.

Each year on their birthday, I take a picture of the boys in one of Scott’s dress shirts.  There have been many tears over the years and some images were better than others, but I love seeing each year how much they have each grown.  Jack can now stand up without the shirt dragging the floor, we can find his arms in the rolled up sleeves and, if you squint a little, you can actually see the makings of a man who will one day fit into a shirt similar to this very one.  Time waits for no man, I often say.  So included in this post are Jack’s ‘Daddy’s shirt’ images, Year 8.

Beware, as a result of effective bribery (candy and 5 Guys Dinner), this is Halbert kid overload!!!  I even got the dog in on the fun!  So enjoy a glimpse into the crazy fun that is life with a newly turned 8 year old and an effervescent 2 year old.

blog kidsj 062410

wHalbert Boys 62310-30

blog halbert 062410
blog kidsb 062410Yes, Tyler still has a pacie.  No comment needed.  I didn’t intend for him to take any pictures with it in his mouth, but he insisted.  He thought it was “silly.”

wHalbert Boys 62310-20

wHalbert Boys 62310-23

blog3 halbert 062410

parting shot:

blog2 halbert 062410

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