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Happy Father’s Day to the Daddies in my and my kids’ lives.  My dad, my husband, and a few other daddies that I admire, like “daddy baxley”, Scott’s Uncles Gordon and Erle, and many more.  What a treasure to have such amazing men in our lives to lean on and learn from!  Thanks, Dads, for being such amazing people!

my husband with our oldest

my husband with our oldest

my dad with our kids

my dad with our kids

I met up with a sweet family yesterday for an early morning family session.  I knew right away that this was a great Daddy.  You know how you can just tell when you watch parents with their kids?  The ones that don’t get too rattled when their kids fall apart, who are stern without losing it and have their kids’ hearts in their hands?  Well, add this great Daddy to that list.  I bet his kids were showering him with love this morning.  Happy Father’s Day, Mr. M.  I can’t imagine a finer Father’s Day present than some gorgeous images of your precious children (and your pretty wife, too!)

This family came to me as a referral from sweet baby Charlie, seen here, and his siblings, seen here in these gorgeous wall hangings!  Thanks, G family, for introducing me to your fun and adorable friends!

Enjoy your sneak peek, M family and take a special look at that family shot of you guys seated in the grass.  Do you remember the crazy antics I pulled to get that one?  THAT is the very shot I took!  Guess it was worth it!!!  Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for some more gorgeous images very soon!




he's a ken doll!!!  just perfect!

he's a ken doll!!! just perfect!

happy birthday, G man!!!

happy birthday, G man!!!

Here’s where all this gorgeousness comes from…check out Mom and Dad.  Still cute after 13 years and 3 kids!



didn't I make it look easy!?  (wink)

didn't I make it look easy!? (wink)

G has just turned 2.  And with 2 comes a bit of independence, as everyone knows.  So when G was done with the photographer lady and her camera…he was DONE!  Check out this sweet face…my goodness!  And those eyes!


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