hudson [baby planner] | Nashville Franklin Baby First Year Studio Photography

Welcome, Hudson, to khp.  It is so very nice to meet you.

Hudson is the newest baby planner here at khp.  He came to the studio for his first session now that he’s 4 months old.  He brought along his adorable big brother, JP, and his gorgeous Mommy.  We had a fun time hanging out.  JP and I are now BFFs, too.

This is my favorite part…thinking, with anticipation, about the year ahead.  Since I’m not HIS mom, I’m not worried about him growing up too fast.  I know that when I see him next he’ll be sitting and smiling, looking like the cutest thing ever.  It will be approaching fall and we will have lots of fun.  Then, just a few months later, he’ll be nearly a toddler!  He’ll be standing and babbling and his little personality will be showing.  He’ll go from a sweet baby to a little boy in just a year, and I’ll get to capture it for his family.  Cool job, right?  Yup.

Don’t grow up too fast, Mr. Hudson.  Give your sweet family time to enjoy that cute little baby face!

parting shot:

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