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Amidst the flu epidemic that wiped out any fun we might have here at home last week, a certain little boy turned 3.  My baby is, quite literally, no longer a baby!!!  But oh, what a delightful little boy he has become.  I am thoroughly enjoying ‘little boyhood’ and praying that time will stand still for just a bit longer.  I know as sure as I blink both of my boys will be in school full time all too soon!

May I please introduce the most adorable three year old that I know and LOVE!!!!

My mom got this next one on a big canvas, in color.  It is gorgeous (even if it is my own pride and joy) and completely captures his personality.

What can I say about this pint sized rough and tumble boy that is BIG on personality?  He’s brought a lot of energy to our family and we just adore him.  Those big blue eyes, that charming smile…and he’s a photographer’s dream!  He’s always up for an impromptu session!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.  May this year be the best ever!

parting shot:

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