Happy 1st Anniversary! What a ride…|Nashville Custom Child Family Photography

A little over a year ago, with a lot of (not so) gentle prodding from the world’s most amazing friends and family, I started up an itty bitty photography business.  I don’t know if I was even comfortable saying “I’m a photographer” for several months into the journey!  A few loyal friends became my first clients…and they told 2 friends, and they told 2 friends, and so on, and so on…

And a year later, WOW is all that I can say.  And THANK YOU.

Wow.  Who knew that God would prepare a new career for me just before Scott would be let go from his job?  This year has been ‘interesting’ financially, but we feel confident that we are where we are supposed to be.

Thank you.  I am humbled.  Humbled that you all have viewed my images, found favor with them and chosen to allow me to do the same for you.  Stop time.  Capture your children, family, precious moments, personal selves…as gifts for your current family, your future family and for your memories.  You have given me a richer life, a new career, and fueled my passion.  You’ve tested me…and challenged me to learn how to balance my responsibilities, do the things I don’t necessarily enjoy (like paperwork!) and, most of all, have made me so proud.  When you gush over your most favorite images and tell me how much they mean to you…well, I get all warm and fuzzy inside!  I love coming home with my camera, loading my card and waiting to see what magical images are going to be there that I know will make you laugh, cry and will make you so happy that we spent some time together earlier that day.

So many of you!  Looking back last night, I was smiling remembering the funny, crazy, sweet and endearing moments with you, your kids and your friends.  I consider you all part of the khp family!  A few of you have even come back again, and that says a lot about what I’m able to capture for you.  And that is why I do what I do.  I could sit and look at my kids’ pictures all day.  There are some that still take my breath away or stir up some deep emotion for me about the stage of life they were in (now long gone), and I am so grateful for all of the images that capture us “right where we are now.” I hope you are, too, and I’m thrilled if ‘khp’ is on the back of those images that you love!

Here’s a look back at many of the sessions that comprise my first year as a professional photographer.  Thank you for going on this journey with me.  I am so excited to see what the next year brings!

webcollage1 2009

webcollage2 2009

webcollage3 2009

webcollage4 2009

websquare collage1 2010

websquare collage2 2010

websquare collage3 2010

websquare collage4 2010

websquare collage5 2010

websquare collage6 2010

websquare collage7 2010

websquare collage8 2010

What’s your favorite image?  Do you have one?  Leave a comment…I’d love to hear what moves you…

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