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I had the privilege recently to photograph my niece’s wedding.  Robin is an awesome budding photographer herself, so when she asked me to shoot her intimate wedding I was both honored and nervous!  Everything about the day was perfect.  The wedding took place in her backyard and I couldn’t have imagined it any better!  Robin and Brian are adorable together and you can really tell that they cherish each other.

Congratulations, Robin and Brian on your wonderful celebration together!  I pray you have many happy years together!  And Brian, welcome to the family!  Enjoy this sneak peek!  I can’t wait to show you the rest!

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Brian has a beautiful daughter who looked adorable and seemed quite happy for the occasion.  Here you’ll see some sweet images of the new ‘family’, along with a touching moment as Brian says goodbye to his daughter before he and Robin left for their Hawaiian honeymoon.  I’m so glad I caught this tender moment.

w8x10Composite 6 openng afterUnfortunately, there were just too many images to share here…I wish you could see them all!!!  These will have to do for now…Enjoy Robin and Brian!!  And Congratulations again!

parting shot:

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