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Last summer, as I was getting my business off the ground, the M family was quick to jump on board and get their feet wet (nearly literally) for Maggie’s 2 year portrait and some great images of the kids together.  The kids were awesome, and we got some great images from that day at the creek.  If you check out the blog header above you’ll see the kids from our 2009 session.  They have even been so kind as to serve as my ‘sample session’.  Hmmm, perhaps we’ll have to update that session with this one!

I couldn’t wait to see the kids again this summer, as Maggie is now 3 and Campbell has completed Kindergarten and is a big kid now (who informed me that he is too old for Playhouse Disney.)  We met and had a blast together last night.  Campbell and I traded strategies about Super Mario Brothers and Maggie just charmed my socks off.  I don’t think she could’ve gotten any cuter.  The kids didn’t complain once and Mom and Dad did a great job of hanging back and letting me take the lead.

Choosing images to share for the sneak peek was nearly impossible!  There were so many!  Laura and Devin, I hope you are thrilled with these images.  Your kids are an absolute joy and are growing up so quickly!  I am honored to stop time today just for a minute…to capture them with their adorable personality (hopefully) shining through!  Enjoy your sneak peek and thanks, so much, for your faith in me starting out and your continued support this year!  Love you guys!

wMcClendon 70510-13

wMcClendon 70510-14

blog mccl 70510a

wMcClendon 70510-75-Edit

wblog mccl 70510c

wMcClendon 70510-80-Edit

blog mccl 70510b

wMcClendon 70510-107

blog mccl 70510c

parting shot:

wMcClendon 70510-61

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