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Last year I was sitting in Starbucks with Tyler one morning when I started chatting with the girl beside me (shocking, I know.)  We both have kids at the local elementary school and both, I find out, are photographers.  She and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia (and I have all kinds of local ties with that too) and we laugh over the coincidences.  Fast forward a year later and that same girl is IN ETHIOPIA RIGHT NOW, picking up her son and bringing him home.  So what does that have to do with anything?  Well, sweet Grady turned 3 months old.  You know, that first quarter of his first little year…an important time that many parents want to capture with pictures.  And Grady’s “regular” photographer just happens to be, you guessed it, the photographer that is in Ethiopia, so she is a little busy herself right now!  Thankfully, she recommended me Grady’s family to me to ‘take over’ in her absence, and I am honored to do so!

So, let me introduce you to Grady, full of scrumptious chubby goodness!  My 2nd 3 month old nearly bald boy this month, he’s another looker just like my new friend Asher.  Grady is another baby planner, so we’ll all get the privilege of watching him grow this year.  It always amazes me at how little they can do at 3 months and then, magically, they sprout muscles and become so strong by the half year mark!

isn't this the cutest thing ever?

Grady came to see me yesterday and knew he was not in Kansas anymore.  He was NOT sure about the crazy lady with the camera.  He had mom, dad AND I all making crazy sounds, dancing around and basically acting like mad men for a few smiles.

He also graced us with a few priceless non smiles…and I might say I like them even better!!

Grady’s grandma works at my son’s school, just another nifty coincidence!  I hope Grandma loves these as much as I do!  How couldn’t she?  I’m certain he’s the most beautiful grandbaby in the whole world! Grandma brought her daughter, Ashley (Grady’s mommy) home from the hospital in this day gown.  Notice it is blue?  Yup…they thought she was going to be a boy!  It is beautiful and a wonderful heirloom to pass down.  Grady was christened in this very gown a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Grady, for coming to see me.  I am excited to see all the things you are going to learn and do, and can’t wait to meet your puppy ‘siblings’ real soon!  Mom and Dad, you guys were lots of fun.  I hope you’ll get a kick out of this next image…and don’t worry, I have a ‘good’ one too!

parting shot:

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