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You crack open a brand new book, crisp with unfolded pages and new book smell.  You turn it over and read the back cover and perhaps you read the dust jacket.  You see a photo of the author (and illustrator, when applicable).  Do you ever study that image?  Does it look fresh?  Is the author as you had expected?

If in the next few months you happen to see Ramon Presson’s 11th penned book, titled something like “When Will My Life Not Suck?” (final details of that are still in editing), you will see one of the following images on the dust jacket.  And I’m quite giddy about it, actually!  With 10 books under his belt, I consider Ramon an ‘old pro’ at this book thing, so I was more than flattered when he saw his colleage, Monte’s, images from khp featured here from March of this year, and decided that I was the photographer he wanted for his next book!

In addition, these professional images will update Ramon’s look on his website, blog and publishing company’s catalogue.  Perhaps his wife will also find one suitable for her desk or dressing table!

Warm and inviting, don’t you think?  With a touch of wisdom and been-through-it-himself thrown in.  I think they are a true reflection of his style and attitude.  He comes highly recommended as a personal and family counselor in Franklin, so if you think he’s the type of guy you could find yourself pouring your heart to from the comfy couch, let me know and I’ll get you in touch!

parting shot:

If you’d like to read Ramon’s blog or see his other 10 book titles, visit Sight Lines and leave him a comment.  Tell him you know me.

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