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[pp_gallery id=”4737″]Wow. What a few months it has been. One minute I was preparing to head to Disney for Spring Break and return to a hectic schedule shooting an entire flag football league, and the next thing you know we are in lockdown, sharing memes and homeschooling!  I definitely didn’t see that coming. Mayor Cooper made the announcement that all non-essential businesses would be closed (which included my photography business) and everything (except school) came to a screeching halt.

I became a 5th grade teacher, videographer, cafeteria worker and counselor for Tyler. It was a difficult time for us, I’m not going to lie. No rosy picture to be painted here. But we pressed on, and before we knew it we were officially in Summer and school was behind us. I was scheduling a few Class of 2020 Senior sessions and we were slowly emerging from the cocoon.

But exactly to where? Sessions are paused while moms wait to shop, get their haircut/colored, and get back to exercising after gaining the Covid 19! Meanwhile temperatures are rising, activities are still paused, and we wait, not sure of what is still to come.  We are trying to find activities to do to break up the boredom and constant video game play, while staying safe. We went to Top Golf this week and Jack said he hoped he didn’t get COVID-19, as it was his first outing since March 15. The anxiety and concern is real for our kids.

There is a lot of speculation about school.  Will the kids be back in the buildings? or will they be at home? One administrator mentioned that there will not be organized school photos this fall, as non-essential workers will not be allowed in the buildings. Should I be planning for back to school photos in early August? Should I start planning for socially distant santa sessions?

I am attempting to document our days. With teens, this is no easy task. Jack, especially, graces me with a photo very rarely.  I’m working on ways to keep business moving forward, and wondering if small group classes can be offered this Summer for teens and moms, or if online options are needed.  These are weird days, for sure.

I’ve said goodbye to a few friends and family who have passed away during this quarantine, and other friends have suffered tragedies that have upended their family. There is a renewed sense of priority and family and time, and I hope that everyone will see the importance of documenting your days and your family, because no one is promised tomorrow. Call me to capture your family, or turn the camera on yourself with a rockstar family selfie. Get in the photo and #printwhoyoulove.

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