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Congratulations to the Class of 2020! This “interesting” senior year is behind you, and your sights are now set on your future!  The Class of 2020 was my largest group of seniors to photograph yet, and I’m sure 2021 will bring even more amazing seniors to khp, including my very own senior, my son Jack!  I cannot believe I have a child graduating high school in the upcoming school year. Time sure flies.

Class of 2021, it’s going to be an interesting ride. I know we are all anxious to find out how school will be structured in the fall. There are many questions ahead, but one question is easy to answer: What about my senior photos!?  I’ve got all the details you need to know!

When should I book my senior session? Some seniors choose Summer, opting for June or July, weather permitting (I recommend under 90 degrees at the start of your session), while school is out and skin is tan and grass is green.  September is also a great time because school isn’t too intense yet, weather is still warm but not melting hot, the sun sets late, and it gives you plenty of time to have the images for yearbook/school requests.  If a fall look is desired, fall bookings take place before the second week of November, when the weather turns dreary and wet.  I do have a fair amount of seniors that wait for Spring, which is perfectly fine to do, though it makes some moms nervous.  I can turn around a session in a few days in the Spring, so there really isn’t any worry if you’d like to wait until April of 2021.  Some of my seniors prefer an urban session in late Winter/early Spring.

Do I need a separate session besides my school required cap and gown session? Typically, your school will require a late summer session with a photographer for your required yearbook photo.  There are rumors that this year schools may not allow non-essential workers into the schools. I don’t know if this will impact senior photos for you, but you might want to check with your school. Regardless, I think we all can agree that school photos are STANDARD and boring. They are made to be similar to everyone else’s photos. Don’t you want photos that show off your personality and style? You won’t get that at your standard, school sponsored senior session.


What do I wear? I recommend 3 outfits: something casual, something dressier, and your favorite outfit that expresses your style. If you are on the cusp of a different season, consider letting one of your outfits represent the warm season and one that represents the cooler season. In September, a cute strapless dress for your “summer” outfit and a layered outfit with chunky sweater or jean jacket for your “fall” look. If you know what school you are going to be attending for college, bring a college shirt, too!   Need help with your outfits? Text me some photos or I can create a style board for you.

[pp_gallery id=”4761″]What about hair & makeup? Having your hair and makeup done by a professional will make you feel and look your very best. I have a wonderful hair and makeup artist that can come to your session or you can choose to have these services completed before you arrive. I recommend for a local appointment, as well.  Or you might have a friend or sibling that has skills that might help you out. Those are all great options. I simply want you to look amazing and feel confident at your session.

Where should I choose for my session location?  Nashville is full of awesome locations, each as unique as you!  Do you love a city vibe? An urban shoot in the gulch, downtown Nashville, or even downtown Franklin is the spot for you. Do you connect more with nature? Middle TN parks are perfect, from Smith park, to Deerwood, to Percy Priest lake, or Ellington’s creek.  In love with gardens, flowers and old buildings? Carnton Plantation is the backdrop you’ll adore. If you have a sport or interest that is your jam, including a specific location like football field, the Frist, or a record or skate shop could be the touch that makes your photos uniquely yours. Here is a gallery of possible locations: LOCATIONS

What do people do with their photos? Most likely, you’ll be moving on after this school year, leaving your family for your next adventure.  They are going to miss you!  A wall portrait of their favorite senior, digital files, prints for Grandma, a custom senior album of favorite images, and grad announcements are a few of the ways to enjoy your images after your session.

I love to see what YOU LOVE. So be sure to share images with me via text of your favorite senior images. Create a pinterest board and share it with me or screenshot instagram images and send them over. The more input you provide, the better your session will turn out.

Have questions I didn’t answer in this post? Feel free to email me at and ask for my Senior Guide to get all the details about my senior signature session!

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