a special father’s day gift on his first father’s day | Birmingham, AL Child Portrait Photographer

This past week I traveled to Birmingham (with the kiddos in tow to spend time with Meemaw) and worked with some new clients (and some ‘regulars’ too) while I was there.  One of my new clients, Ms. Anne, is a very sweet friend of one of my current clients.  Anne has some amazing jewelry for sale through etsy.  You can check it out HERE.  I’m personally completely in love with the thin bangle bracelets!!!  Anne has a gorgeous 11 month old granddaughter who was in town visiting.  She thought it would be perfect for me to come to her home and do a session with her cutie and her daughter as well.  To my excitement, once I arrived I found out that this session’s images would be a gift for little “A’s” Daddy!!!  See, since she’s 11 month’s old, her Daddy has had to wait nearly an entire year to celebrate his first Father’s Day!  What better gift than some images of his gorgeous wife and their beautiful daughter!!!  I was completely on board!

“A” was happy to sit just about anywhere I put her, look at me with her big brown eyes, smile when I was acting silly or when Mimi was bribing her with snacks just out of view…in short, she was the perfect little client.  Anne’s front porch and backyard were the perfect setting on a sunny, hot Alabama morning.  We worked quickly to ensure that sweet little “A” didn’t get too hot and sticky!  Gotta love Summer in the South!

This next one is a little departure from my standard processing…kinda fun and funky.  I like it!

Wouldn’t it be cool displayed like this:

I’m pretty sure this next one is my very favorite image from the session.  There is something about this adorable look she’s giving me, and the way she is sitting that brings out a little giggle in me every time I look at it!!

I know it can be easy to take a pass on being front and center during your child’s session…it seems easier to just hang back and let your child be the star.  But if you’ll take a moment to share the ‘spotlight’ with your kid(s) during a session, I promise you will be glad you did!!  I know Mom was planning to be in some images, but I’m so happy that Mimi agreed to be in some as well!!!  And for me to be able to capture 3 generations?  That’s super cool.

Thanks, girls, for a wonderful session!  Daddy, I imagine these images of your precious little girl are going to melt your heart.  Enjoy them, they were made with lots of love!  I know you’ll be happy to have not only these new pictures but your two favorite girls by your side this Father’s day as well.  May this be the first of many happy Father’s Days to come!!!

parting shot:

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