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Hello to all my khp friends! Did you notice the fresh new look to the website!  And it is actually working now?!  It’s a  modern day miracle! Right at the start of the incredibly busy fall season last year, my website kept crashing. The blog stopped working and folks found the website was formatted strangely at times.  I promised myself that I would work on it just as soon as Fall wrapped up.

In January, I began the lengthy process of selecting all of the elements for my upgrade and am so grateful to my web designer, Courtney Keim, who upgraded my site, added in the content, and did it all without making this Generation X (as in, I had an electric typewriter in college) girl roll into 2019 without pulling out any of my own hair!  THANK YOU, Courtney.  I secretly wish I was a techie.  I feel like I am about 2 steps away from Grandma capacity when it comes to web design, algorithms and all things SEO.  Can’t I just take pretty pictures and hang out with you lovelies and forget about all that other stuff?

So here I am!  I did some winter traveling – Tyler and I went to see Hamilton in Chicago with my college BFF and had the best trip ever, playing in the snow and ice skating in downtown Chicago, but I cannot believe it is March! Spring Break is over already – we had a super fun time in California at Disneyland with my parents. What a fun trip for me and the boys – and now it’s time to get ready for Spring!  Yay!  I love everything about winter, the snuggly evenings, the cold weather clothes, a warm fire in the den, but it is NOT conducive to taking amazing photos outdoors. And even the studio can be a bit dreary and gray on a yucky winter day.  So bring on Spring!  And let’s start celebrating my 10th anniversary here at khp!  My official anniversary isn’t until August. I think we need to do something special, don’t you!?

Do me a favor, and kick the tires on this new website.  You are bound to find a typo, or an element from the template settings if you look hard enough. If you do, let me know, so I can clean up my act and have this site running at 100%.  And thanks for still being here, despite my hobbling web presence over the last few months.  I appreciate you!

If you are itching to have a family session before the trees grow their leaves, consider a few options like these:

Downtown always looks great.  On a warm, mild winter day, you’d never know it wasn’t late Spring or early Fall!

The studio is a classic location for family sessions year round and the temperature is always perfect:

And there is always your favorite place – YOUR HOME!  Those work year round, though sunshine is always our friend, even in your home.

parting shot:



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