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Daylight savings time begins in this weekend, and the days are getting longer and warmer. We are coming out of hibernation here in Tennessee and it is time to get excited for Spring and warmer weather!

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You might be thinking about Spring photos, and visions of Easter clothes and egg hunts might spark the conversation of when to have outdoor Spring photos for your family or your kids. It seems warm (ish) so now seems like a good time, right? Maybe not quite yet. Let’s talk about when you should book your Spring photos because a lot is going to change over the next few weeks!

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1. After Daylight Savings Begins – the days are getting longer and that later sunset allows more time to squeeze in a session after school or after sports on the weekend. The best time for outdoor photos is the last 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset. Here’s what to expect over the next few months in Nashville:

March 10: Sunset is 5:50P (3:45-5:45 for photos)
March 25: Sunset is 7:02P  (5-7 for photos)
April 15: Sunset is 7:20P (5:15 – 7:15 for photos)
April 30: Sunset is 7:33P (5:30-7:30 for photos)
May 20: Sunset is 7:50P (5:50-7:50 for photos)
June 5: Sunset is 8:00P (6-8 for photos)

2. When the temperatures are consistently warm – average temperatures in March and early April dip into the 40s at night.  There are warm days in the high 70s and cool windy days in the 50s. It can be tough to predict the weather a few weeks out, and you might have to reschedule due to wind (I typically reschedule with winds 10MPH or more) or 60 degree temperatures (my subjects are most often standing in the shade.)  Late April and May (and even June) provide warmer evenings that are perfect for Spring sessions.

3. Leaves on the trees – Everyone loves to see the landscape coming to life at the end of winter. Daffodils are popping up and the grass is green and growing! Flowering trees are beautiful for a few weeks in March and our whole world is coming to life!  If you’d like your session to be held outdoors in a nature landscape, be sure the trees are green or else you’ll have brown sticks in the background. It can be deceiving in those first days of Spring, with all the green grass but be patient! There will be plenty of green days ahead!  I recommend late April for my clients to begin booking outdoor sessions in a nature setting when trees are in the background.  Just a few weeks makes a big difference.

4. Finally, think about what you are going to wear. An early Spring session can be a great time to layer, with light jackets and sweaters. Be sure to dress your children appropriately for the outdoor temperature, not for your vision of what you want them to wear. Cold kids are NOT happy kids at your session, and their discomfort will show in the photos.

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Spring is a beautiful time in Tennessee.  Our gorgeous landscape can be the perfect backdrop for your family session if you time it right. Don’t be in a rush. Gorgeous temperatures last through the first or second week of June. Your family will appreciate the warm climate if short sleeves and dresses are being worn and you’ll love the mature look of late Spring for your outdoor portraits.

Parting shot:

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