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A little over a year ago, Aubrey and her sweet husband came to me for maternity images, as they awaited the arrival of their baby boy.  We had a blast capturing the joy and excitement that waiting to meet a new family member can bring!

Then, a little while later, I got the honor of meeting Oren myself.  A beautiful baby boy.  I love these newborn images!!!  Daddy is a songwriter and performer, and we were able to capture that in a cool way with Oren’s session.

There is something extra special about knowing that Don’s dad gave him this guitar case years ago.  Maybe one day Oren will play as well…with such a talented Daddy, he’s sure to get some of those genes!

Fast forward a few months and baby Oren has turned into a busy, happy, fun little toddler!  Nearly ready to take his first steps, he brings abundant joy to his parents.  They light up like crazy when they talk about him!  It’s adorable.  There is something so magical about watching your first baby turn into a toddling, babbling person.  It’s one of God’s coolest tricks, in my opinion.

Here’s Oren and his beautiful Momma and sweet Daddy.  One sunset-filled afternoon at the farm, as we celebrate the magic of that first year ending and a whole big life waiting ahead…

Thank you, Aubrey and Don, for allowing me to share this moment with you.

parting shot (tickle fight!!!):

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