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This month is National Headshot Month.  Ok, so I made that up, but by the end of the month I will have shot nearly 30 headshots for a variety of professional needs.  Yoga instructors, Real Estate brokers, an author, attorney, guest speakers and models.  The needs vary from client to client, from relaxed, casual, fun images, to professional but approachable natural light based or studio light based images.  I’ve been outdoor and indoor this month and am grateful to have the studio and surrounding area to handle a variety of requests.  Individuals, small businesses and large businesses alike.  You can come to the studio or I can arrange to do the headshots at your office.

What makes a great headshot?  Complimentary clothing (colors great for your skin tone, smooth lines and something of interest like a tie, scarf or necklace, in fabrics that are not likely to wrinkle,) a fresh haircut (not too fresh, for best results get a trim 7-10 days before your session,) and for the gentlemen a close shave and for the ladies, a professional application of makeup (getting your hair styled is great, too!)   You might think it isn’t necessary to get your makeup and hair professionally done, but I will tell you that it looks better on camera and you’ll feel more confident and attractive after a professional hair and makeup session!  You can have your hair & makeup artist meet us at the studio or arrive already styled.  I can even provide names of hair & makeup artists if you don’t already know of one.  Yes, it is an additional expense that you could skip but the look that exudes from you when you are feeling and looking your best is priceless.  And chances are you’ll be using this image in some marketing capacity, whether to promote yourself, your business or your book/product.  Don’t you want people to see your best you?

Along with looking your best, I coach you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible and provide flattering posing instruction.  Once the images are taken, I use some light Photoshop editing to subtly enhance your best features and downplay the ‘tricky’ spots.  We all have them!

The final product is a gallery of images that allows you to select your favorite, though I can’t promise the choice will be easy!  My current headshot package provides for 3 digital files with your session, so you don’t have to choose just one!

Mary Cady arrived on location having professional makeup applied sporting a great Spring look.  She’ll be speaking at a few events in the upcoming weeks and wanted a new head shot to give to the promoters.  She chose a location that was near to her heart and we were able to capture exactly what she was looking for in a matter of minutes!

Her gallery provided her with these images:

blog gallery


Which did she ultimately choose for her upcoming speaking engagements?  Take a look:

web khp 041114 Bolin Headshot 14 crop khp


Here are a few of the different looks captured this month from those who didn’t mind sharing…

web022214 Epic Yoga-402E

webblog022214 Epic Yoga-472E

web 1 khp


web040214 Monarch Headshot Irene-010




web040914 NAI Simpson-081

web040214 Croy Headshot-007e

web epic

To see a gallery of some of my headshot work, go to or click here

When was the last time you updated your look?  Does it still look like you?  Contact me to book your headshot session today.

parting shot of the lovely and talented Tesha Davis:

web021614 Davis Headshots-215E2


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