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Friday I was lucky enough to visit some beautiful, TINY, sweet baby girls.  Ellaree and Hadley were born much earlier than Mom or Dad were prepared for.  In fact, Ellaree has been home for two weeks (her sis a bit longer) but they still aren’t due for another two weeks!!  Amazingly, both itty bitty girls are perfectly healthy and require no support at all!  At 5ish and 6ish pounds, these babies had my heart…they sure make my two year old look like a linebacker!

We had lots of fun with the girls and, I must say, they were excellent models!  Mom looks absolutely amazing…you would NEVER know that she’d had twins a month ago!

May I introduce itty bitty Ellaree…

w hancock41

And her brawny sister, Hadley…tipping the scales now at a whopping 6 pounds and a few ounces!

w vertical template hadley

To my surprise, the girls don’t really spend that much time close together, as it is important that they maintain their own body temperature.  So, it was fun for all of us to see these sweet sisters spending time together!

w vertical template twins

wblog bw babies

The nursery was the absolute most beautiful room I’ve ever seen!  I loved everything about it!  Martha Stewart doesn’t have anything on this Mommy, for sure!  Mom said that when she ended up in the hospital in early April (two months before her babies were due), the nursery was empty!  Grandma and Mom’s good friend were able to take direction and inspiration and put all the pieces together just as Mom wanted!  The end result is breathtaking…see for yourself.

web nursery

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being so accommodating at our session.  Your home is lovely and your daughters?  Sheer perfection!  I hope you enjoy the end result of all of our effort!  Enjoy your sneak peek.  I will have even more for you soon!

Parting shot:

miss e in great grandpa's chair

miss e in great grandpa's chair

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