those rolls look good on you [six month old] | Nashville Baby Studio Outdoor Custom Photography

I was so excited to meet this little guy I could barely wait.  I heard that he was sportin’ some ‘rolls’ that would make Sister Schubert jealous and he did not disappoint.  Cutest baby ever.  Wait til you see!!  Mom & Dad drove him up from Alabama for a little khp time and we had a great time acting silly for baby Gus.  Oh the things big people will do to make little people smile!  Gus was a little stingy with the smiles but he has a serious look that would win any heart over to the Gus camp!  I normally do a sneak peek after a session but I’m going all out with a full post on this one right away!  There was no way I could pick a favorite today.

Gus is named after a character in Lonesome Dove, so it was a fun idea to include the book in his session.  Gus seems to like the idea too!

This next image is my favorite.  Isn’t it sweet?  They adore this little guy and each other and this seems to capture them perfectly.

Thanks, Sally & Nathan for driving up to Nashville to see me.   He is adorable!  I’m so glad we finally got to meet.  Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe drive home!

parting shot:

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